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GoddezzOfPain92's Profile Picture
Amanda McCormick
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
About Me
Name: Amanda McCormick
Birthdate: April 29
Birthplace: Tennessee
Time you Were Born: 8:20 a.m.
Nicknames: A.C.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blackish Brown (Dye it red, to black, now thinking to blue)
Height: 5'2
Left or Right Handed: right
Heritage: to many to name

Food: anything good
Color: black, blue, purple, green, red
Number: 7 (mine and hubby lucky number)
Letter: A *For Anthony*
Season: winter
Type of Weather: snowy or rainy
Sports team: any TN!
TV ad: the ones with Flo in it!
Drink: Coke and D.P.
Alcoholic Drink: stop
Chocolate Bar: payday
Restaurant: Taco bell
Gum: Stride
Word: Goddess

Bedtime: don't matter
Most Missed Memory: my dead family being a live
Weakness: i ain't telling
Fears: i ain't telling
First Thought Waking Up: Thank god for my hubby! <3 <3 <3
Goal For This Year: learn the truth
Most Overused Phrase on an instant messenger: lol
Perfect Pizza: meat lover

This or That...
Orange or Apple juice: both
Dog or Cat: both
Pepsi or Coke: both
Maccas or Burger Knig: None, micky d’s
Scary Movie or Funny Movies: Scary 100%
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Black or White: Both
Truth or Dare: Dare
Live Forever or Die Young: Die young
PS3 or Xbox 360: PS3 (wanting PS4)
Snakes or Spiders: both
Mud or Dirt: both (Can't help it! Its the country in me XD)
Gold or Silver: Gold *Egypt*

Have You Ever...
Drunk: yes
Smoked: yes
Done drugs: no
Been beaten up: no
Done the beating up: yes
Broken the law: maybe
Been arrested: No (just handcuffed from hospital to crazy house soits almost the same, lol)
Shoplifted: no
Cut your own hair: yes
Burnt stuff cause you were bored: yes! I do that all the time
Danced in the rain: yes
Had a long distance relationship: yes
Eaten something off the ground, ignoring the 10 second rule: no
Been stalked: yes
Skinny Dipped: no
Broken a bone: no
Been in an Accident: yes
Been in Love: yes
Kissed opposite sex: yes
Kissed same sex: yes

Do You...
Shower Daily: yes
Sing in the Shower: sometimes
Sing Well: idk
Swear: who doesn't
Believe in Yourself: no
Want to go to College: yes
Want to Get Married: Already Am! XD
Want to Have Kids: yes
Get Along With Your Parents: half and half (Mostly my mom, She believes in me more then my dad)
Get Along With Your Siblings: my brother i do, my lil sis no
Like Thunderstorms: love them
Play an Instrument: try but stop
Speak a Foreign Language: trying
Sleep wIth Stuffed Animals: yes! Billy The Bear!
Keep a Diary/Journal: yes

Can You...
Roll Your Tongue in a Circle: no
Both Ways: no
Juggle: no
Do the Splits: no
Say the Alphabet Backwards: no
Write With Both Hands: no

In a Guy/Girl...
Favorite Eye Color: don't matter
Favorite Hair Color: don't matter
Long or Short: don't matter
Height: don't matter
Weight: don't matter
Clothing Style: don't matter
Drugs and/or Alcohol: none
Love or Money: love

What's the Stupidest Thing You've Done: walk in the wall cause i was bored
Who Would You Want to be Stuck in an Elevator With: anyone who keep me calm
Is Your Window Open: no....
What Color is Your Toothbrush: purple
Little Known Fact About You: my eyes turn purple sometimes (im turning to get a real picture of it)
Who Is Your Longest Friend & How Long: Casie since I was 6 or 7
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: yes
Did You Have Long Hair as a Kid: yes
What Cell Phone Provider Do You Have: Straight talk
Do You Know All The Words to the National Anthem: no
Have You Ever Smoked Peanut Shells: no...?
Last Time You Swam in a Pool: long time ago
If You Were a Crayon What Color Would You Be: the one that never used......clear crayon lol
Been to the Mall Lately: no
Ever caught a Fish: yes
How Do You Cure Hiccups: idk
What's the Stupidest Thing You've Done: i told u!
Can You Stick Your Fist In Your Mouth: no


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